The Barrier Reef Range was designed to incorporate the best features of the versatile fibreglass pool. Take your time to look closely at the modern styles, thoughtful interiors and safety features of some styles and convert your outdoor leisure area into something really special for the whole family.

Let us improve your lifestyle with one of the pools from the beautiful Barrier Reef Range. Life can be pretty hectic these days, so take time off to enjoy your lifestyle more without leaving home.

Barrier Reef Pools commitment to overall product quality ensures that they use the finest materials and innovative manufacturing processes to bring you the very best in fibreglass pools.

When you want the best in fibreglass pools … buy the best.


The majestic range really lives up to the name. Formal lines and a design that is as practical as it is elegant. This modern styling combines a spacious pool area with an open length perfect for swimming laps. The central step area provides easy access to the pool, together with a swim out area and ample seating.


The Venice shape is the latest addition to our range of pools. Derived from the Majestic and Monaco ranges the Venice features the timeless classic shape of the Majestic combined with the uninterrupted swimming area of the Monaco. The massive bench and seating area in this pool being set back from the swimming lane makes this area ideal to incorporate spa jets for entertaining or just plain relaxing after a hard day. We have also added the recessed easy step for safe entering and exiting of the pool.


The Lap Pool Range has been designed to provide superb opportunities for exercising, training and at the end of your session, just relaxing. Two lengths, 8 and 12 metres, allowing you to really work out in the safest and most effective way. With the depth of these swimming pools being 1.35m overall, this sleek modern pool is also perfect to walk laps assisting with maintaining fitness levels against the resistance of your crystal clear water.


One of the latest designs. The visual simplicity of this contemporary square styling design, perfectly compliments your outdoor entertaining area. Integrated with modern surrounds and landscaping this swimming pool design is simply stunning.



Our goal is to provide you with the best design and highest quality components package based on your needs and desires and to efficiently perform and manage the construction process. We will achieve this through open and regular lines of communication with you to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with the services we provide.

Abundant seating for entertainment or just plain relaxation after a hard day.

Well designed entry and exit steps, with dual entry and exit on some designs. Lowered handrails for children and elderly folk incorporated in some shapes — also great for water aerobics.

Choice of colours in beautiful shimmer finishes. Many different sizes to suit your lifestyle, space, and backyard. Design, elegance and comfort with your in mind — after all, isn’t that what we all want in our lifestyle.

Provision for spa areas and tables in some styles.

Thank you for considering Bluetongue Pools to be your pool builder. We understand this is an important decision and a big investment.  We’re honoured to have the opportunity to offer our services and advice on how a swimming pool or spa should be built.  

Call us today to begin your Bluetongue Pools experience.

Lap Pool