We work with the layout of your property and the architectural style of your home. Function, safety and aesthetics are all considered when Bluetongue Pools create a specification and design. Understanding all the elements that go into building a swimming pool enables us to custom design a swimming pool to your unique individual needs.

At Bluetongue Pools we believe successful design is achieved through the collaboration of ideas.  From concept to completion we’ll work to incorporate your vision into a design that is both aesthetically striking and complementary to your home and landscape while also remaining functional and practical.

We aim to establish a solid working relationship with you from day one and will continue the partnership throughout the process. We’ll develop the design brief together and focus on encapsulating the concept early to ensure the delivery process is clear and decisive.

During this design phase Bluetongue Pools will introduce you to a broad catalogue of concepts and available options and seek participation of your creative capabilities.  

You may be imagining an infinity pool where the water seamlessly flows into the landscape or an eye catching feature spa with a raised glass wall.  The concepts are endless and Bluetongue Pools awaits the opportunity to make your dream pool a reality.


As a full-service design and build company, we have the skills and experience to construct, design, engineer and fully service our builds. Alternatively, we can work with your consultants to accommodate any requirements they may have. Our team has the flexibility to work on modest budgets or large commercial projects, and everything in between.

An infinity pool is constructed with water flowing seamlessly over the pool rim on one or more sides. Such pools are often designed so that the infinity edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean. It produces a striking illusion that the water has no boundary.

Compact and discreet, water features can be standard or custom designed to suit your specifications. They add an interesting visual element to your pool design, they can be constructed to deliberately catch the eye or made to blend into the landscape or pool surface.

Your pool or spa is not complete without a stunning landscape design. Let our award-winning team work with you to create a unique and customised outdoor space to complement your pool and enhance your lifestyle.

Visualise one side of your pool constructed entirely of glass or a viewing window into your pool that can be seen from a room inside your home. With innovative products Bluetongue Pools can deliver this cutting edge technology, it may be your design masterstroke! The options are only limited by your imagination.


Bluetongue Pools experienced tradespeople will mark out the pool parameters on site, identify any services that may be obstructing and string line your pool ready for excavation. This stage is critical to ensure future stages in the process follow smoothly. The area will then be excavated, materials removed and the excavation area secured.


Formwork is used in concrete swimming pools as a method of molding the shape of the structure. It creates the form of the pool. The steel provides the strength and support for the concrete and enables the builder to shape the pool to your unique design. Plumbing for the filtering and cleaning systems will then included.


Our experienced team will then spray the internal structure of your pool with concrete. This is when you’ll get a sense of your pool coming to life and can visualise the finished product! The concrete will require approx 4 weeks to cure. We like to keep the ball rolling so other works, such as landscape construction may be commenced during this stage.


We will clean and prepare your pool for its interior. Your journey is coming closer to completion! Depending on your choice, the pool will be lined with tiles or rendered before a final detail clean is undertaken to remove any debris. Fencing and compliance inspections will be carried out, it’s then time to fill your pool!

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Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4


Our goal is to provide you with the best design and highest quality components package based on your needs and desires and to efficiently perform and manage the construction process. We will achieve this through open and regular lines of communication with you to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with the services we provide.

A luxurious pool render with an exquisite colour range that produces a stunning visual effect in your pool. It is extremely smooth, strong and durable, slip resistant and easy to maintain.

Mineral pools are rich in magnesium and potassium. These minerals have therapeutic benefits, are gentle on the skin and completely safe for our soil and plants. Your mineral pool will have no chlorine scent or leave a salty, dry feeling on your skin.

Swimming pool covers ensure that you save precious water by limiting evaporation and minimising the loss of chemicals and heat, ultimately saving you money. There are covers suitable for every pool, the choice is yours.

An in-floor cleaning system is virtually maintenance free, you won’t even notice it’s there. It automatically cleans your pool, including steps, seats and swim out areas so you can spend your precious leisure time with family and friends.

Thank you for considering Bluetongue Pools to be your pool builder. We understand this is an important decision and a big investment.  We’re honoured to have the opportunity to offer our services and advice on how a swimming pool or spa should be built.  

Call us today to begin your Bluetongue Pools experience.

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