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We work with the layout of your property and the architectural style of your home. Function, safety and aesthetics are all considered when Bluetongue Pools create a specification and design. Understanding all the elements that go into building a swimming pool enables us to custom design a swimming pool to your unique individual needs.

About Us

The establishment of bluetongue pools was the culmination of the vision and desire of kearan McMenamin to offer a unique, enjoyable and seamless service to his customers in the creation of their dream. Kearan has been installing and constructing both residential and commercial pools throughout the sydney and illawarra regions for more than 25 years.

Our goal is to provide you with the best design and highest quality components package based on your needs and desires and to timely perform and manage the construction process. we will achieve this through open and regular lines of communication with you to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with the services provided by bluetongue pools.

Kearan has created a team that is capable of delivering on all levels of the business from generating the most comprehensive step by step outline and cost analysis, to the trained professionals who will build your pool, all the while with kearan being involved down to the most minute detail.

As a full service, design and build company, we at bluetongue pools have the skills and experience to construct, design, engineer and fully service our builds. alternatively we can work with your consultants and fit in with any requirements they may have. our team has the flexibility to work on modest budgets or large commercial projects and everything in between.

We work with the layout of your property and the architectural style of your home. function, safety and aesthetics are all considered when bluetongue pools create a specification and design. understanding all the elements that go into building a swimming pool enables us to custom design a swimming pool to your unique individual needs. bluetongue pools are aware of the need to remain at the cutting edge of pool construction and Kearan McMenamin frequently travels abroad to conferences to ensure bluetongue pools is at the forefront on the latest pool construction techniques, technology, durable materials and creative design ideas in our pursuit of building the finest possible swimming pools.

Kearan and his team are especially proud of their unblemished record in the construction of their pools that speaks volumes as to the high level of success the company has enjoyed throughout his 25 years in the industry. when choosing the right swimming pool builder, you must consider three things;

quality    •    professionalism    •    affordability.

These are the three pillars upon which kearan and bluetongue pools have built their reputation.

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