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bluetongue pools is the leader in the Illawarra, proudly designing quality & professionally built concrete pools. Experienced & qualified tradesman, using the highest quality products will allow bluetongue pools to deliver you an exceptional pool building experience.


bluetongue pools is proud to partner with Sally Fitzgibbons, Champion Australian Womens Pro Surfer. Sally is proud to be associated with our qualitative, professional and the most affordable concrete pools that meet and go above and beyond our clients expectations.

Environmentally Friendly

bluetongue pools are committed to delivering leading environmental performance by providing products and services that are gentle on you and kind to the environment.

MBA 2015 Winner

Swimming Pool — Concrete over $50000 Geering Street Gerringong

MBA 2015 Merit

Swimming Pool — Concrete over $50000 Beach Road Berry

MBA 2015

Best Concrete Pool over $50000

Established 1999



the establishment of bluetongue pools was the culmination of the vision and desire of kearan McMenamin to offer a unique, enjoyable and seamless service to his customers in the creation of their dream. Kearan has been installing and constructing both residential and commercial pools throughout the sydney and illawarra regions for more than 25 years.

our goal is to provide you with the best design and highest quality components package based on your needs and desires and to timely perform and manage the construction process. we will achieve this through open and regular lines of communication with you to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with the services provided by bluetongue pools.

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Environmentally Friendly


Water Saving

Water is our most precious resource. At bluetongue pools we aim to reduce high water consumption through green technology. Through the use of our mineral pool system you can save up to 65% of its water usage each year.


Energy Saving

The entire filtration system has been designed for maximum energy efficiency to minimise energy costs.


Gentle on the Environment

Mineral Pools water is rich in Magnesium and Potassium Minerals which are also beneficial to soil and plants. Once diluted as per prescribed guidelines your Mineral Pool water can be used on your gardens safely. Our mineral blend is extremely gentle on the environment.


Healthy Filtration

One of the key components of the mineral pool system is the use of Glass Media which is a 100% recycled glass. Traditional sand and cartridge filters provide a breeding ground for harmful bacterias. The smooth unique surface of Glass Media provides cleaner filtered water and restricts bacteria growth within your filter.


Chemical Free

A Mineral Pool water does not leave a chlorine smell or salty residue on your skin, nor does it discolour hair. it is therapeutic for your body and beneficial for your health and general well being.

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